FireDraw Project

Firedraw is an open source software product under the GPL licence. It's an innovative product that permits administration of a network's firewalls through a graphical web interface.

With this application you can configure the rules of the different firewalls in your network using any standard web browser.

Firedraw was created to provide a solution to the needs of several open source developers. Anyone can adapt it to their own needs since it is freely available at, together with it's source code.

The Application generates firewall rules according to objects and services created by the user. The objects are created through a graphical web interface to Firedraw's Network Object Manager. The objects can be of different types, such as a workstation, a domain, a network, etc. In a similar manner, Firedraw's Service Manager lets the user manage services such as Web (HTTP), mail (SMTP), and file transfer (FTP)?

Using the objects he created, the user can graphically build the rules that manage the security of his network. Firedraw transforms the resulting rules into an intermediate language. These rules are then translated and automatically inserted into the file containing the rules for the concerned firewalls.
An intermediate language was established in order to allow a modular solution:
It is possible to write modules that generate rules for other firewalls, whether under Linux platforms or not. The available version of firedraw includes a module which generates rules for the Linux Netfilter Firewall (kernel 2.4)

Firedraw's architecture consists of :

  • A web interface developed with Zope
  • A relational Database (PostgreSQL), that manages the different objects and their properties
  • A Rule Daemon: A python Module in charge of generating the rules in the language of the particular firedraw program being used.
  • The Final Daemon: A Python program installed on each firewall in charge of receiving the rules from the Rule Daemon and inserting them into the firewall itself.

The administrator can therefore easily manage the security of his network in a manner which is simple, rapid and accessible via web.

Adelux developped Firedraw under the GPL licence with the goal of advancing linux security. This provides users with a reliable, free and open-source solution.

A screenshot of the main window.


  • user documentation
  • developer documentation
  • RedHat and Debian package
  • Known Bugs:

  • you have to delete all the objects of a profile to delete the profile
  • you need Znolk Products